Sharon Lin

sharonl (at) cs (dot) stanford, CV/Resume

I graduated from the the Computer Science PhD program (2014) at Stanford, where I was advised by Pat Hanrahan. I did my undergrad at the University of Washington. My interests lie in computer graphics, visualization, and human-computer interaction. I'm particularly interested in computer-aided graphic design tools. Currently, I am working at Zazzle as a research engineer.


Generating Design Suggestions under Tight Constraints with Gradient-based Probabilistic Programming
Daniel Ritchie, Sharon Lin, Noah Goodman, Pat Hanrahan
Eurographics 2015, Best Paper Honorable Mention
Probabilistic Color-by-Numbers: Suggesting Pattern Colorizations Using Factor Graphs
Sharon Lin, Daniel Ritchie, Matthew Fisher, Pat Hanrahan
Selecting Semantically-Resonant Colors for Data Visualization
Sharon Lin, Julie Fortuna, Chinmay Kulkarni, Maureen Stone, Jeffrey Heer
EuroVis 2013, Best Paper Award
Modeling How People Extract Color Themes from Images
Sharon Lin, Pat Hanrahan
CHI 2013, Best Paper Honorable Mention
Using Text N-Grams for Model Suggestions in 3D Scenes
Laureen Lam, Sharon Lin, Pat Hanrahan
SIGGRAPH Asia Technical Briefs 2012
An Extension of Wilkinson’s Algorithm for Positioning Tick Labels on Axes
Justin Talbot, Sharon Lin, Pat Hanrahan
InfoVis 2010
Experiences with Content Extraction from the Web
Mira Dontcheva, Sharon Lin, Steven Drucker, David Salesin, Michael Cohen
SIGCHI Workshop on Semantic Web User Interactions: Exploring HCI Challenges 2008

Technical Reports

LayerBuilder: Layer Decomposition for Interactive Image and Video Color Editing
Sharon Lin, Matthew Fisher, Angela Dai, Pat Hanrahan
arXiv 2017


Rules of the Game

is an animated short I made with Andrew Gawronski in CS458, one of the courses in the University of Washington's Animation Capstone series.